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Pixie Hollow ReOpening

Posted by Ginger♥ on February 24, 2014 at 10:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Many of you already know Pixie Hollow has been closed for quite a while now. But however this is possibly temporary. All the online virtual worlds Disney created were all shut down due to financial issues, besides ClubPenguin. Now we could all just hang at ClubPenguin or on here, but news have shown that Disney might actually bring PixieHollow and all the wonderful virtual worlds you all love back! Yes, thats right we might get our beloved pixies and magical meadows all back! Now they have been discussing this for a while but no one is sure till November,4,2014. 

And if you are reading this I am glad you stuck around PixieDragons. We havent been updating in a while so if you are reading this you are very loyal and I love you very much<3 

See You Guys Next Time! 


P.S Comment your thoughts about PixieHollow reopening?Would you rather switch to a new online virtual world or just not play at all? Leave the discussion below. 

Newest Comercial (PixieDragons)

Posted by Ginger♥ on September 15, 2012 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (3)

To Despite "Blue Dragons Studio's" most successful "Pixie Hollow Best Homes" YouTube sieres. We will be featuring two special anncouncments both on the show and a seperate comercial as well. We will need as much publicity as possible to get this website a hit and a commercial is the best way to do it since we can't spread it in pixie hollow. In order to do the commercial we will need lots of time to think things out so we recomend you send all your best ideas below and hope we can make it magical!

We would also like you to feature some of your ideas as we said before, so we made of list of what we "recomend" the most help. 

  • Programs and video editors we could use to make the commercial as professional as possible.
  • The most amazing things on the site that makes you love it so much that we should inculd in the video.
  • And most of all, a tital name that would make you want to watch it. 

If we use any of your ideas you will recieve a prize. (To be determind later.)


Posted by Ginger♥ on September 9, 2012 at 5:20 PM Comments comments (3)

Soon, special members will be able to do Chat-O-Fun. Where it genorates thousands of different symbols, letters and mixes of pictographs abvailable in your chat system! Just simply go to the page, enter the password and have free access to all the different chat symbols and funky combos of different pictures and symbols! Get ready because it is coming soon. If you have any comments or suggestions please comment below. We need your opinion on who can view it and who can't. :)

We will have a permissions board put up later. Where you can see what different members can do.

Titanic II

Posted by Ginger♥ on July 13, 2012 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (5)

Billionare Clive Palmer from Queensland has began making plans to build a Titanic II! He owns a shipyard that reaches up to 100,000dwt with a capasity of 200,000dwt and owns 4 peirs. Palmer says his ship lining company, Blue Star Line had commitioned the state owned Chinese company CSC Jinling shipyard to build Titanic II. The original Titanic was designed by Thomas Andrews and was owned by White Star Line; which was named after Red Star Line when the head officail visited one of their ocean liners. 

Titanic II will be launched in 2017. By that time I will be 17 or 18 and I will be boarding it and experiencing the life of many souls on the original Titanic which sunk in 1912 carring the lives of many who didn't make it! I'm putting the car money aside and raising at least for a second-class ticket. But I bet they are much more affordable now. Anyway, Titanic went from sailing the Atlantic in the most famous and tragic voyage ever known throughout history; which still lives on; touching the hearts of many souls. The original Titanic ended in the middle of her maiden voyage by plunging 2.5 miles down to the ocean where it lies covered in over 40 feet of mud hiding it's propellers; and lies in the darkness where no light, sound, or living creatures anywhere in sight. The Titanic bow and stern are approximetly 1,970 meters away from eachother. That over 2 miles! (1,800 meters). 

                This is what the officails are currently worried about Titanic II. They wondered if it was gonna sink. Reporters met up with Palmer at his announcments. They asked him "Can it sink?"

Palmer replied: "Of course it can sink! If you put a hole in it. (LOLZ! Morons...)"  Honestly, I think no ship is unsinkable. All ships, yhats, and cruise lines, etc. can sink. Of course Titanic II can sink but in our modern time we have better safety and technology. I think we all have learned a valuable lesson since the sinking of the Titanic. It proved that watertight bulkheads in fact cannot prevent a ship from sinking. But however, 20 years after the Titanic had sunk, Andoria Doria (Idk if I spelled that correctly) was built with watertight compartments. It sank after only 1 of it's 11 compartments flooded. It went plunging down 270 feet into the seabed sideways. 

Hopefully, after all we learned with the experiences with the Titanic, Andoria Doria, The Brittannic and much more sinking ships in the long line of history, that the safety of our modern ships and archecture is cirtianly working correctly, officiantly, and to supply enough lifeboats for ALL passengers on board. Not only have we learned safety from the Titanic, but about architechture as well. On board the Titanic, when passengers walked along the promenade decks, their views were blocked by lifeboats. In modern cruise liners, the lifeboats are hidden under the promenade decks giving the passengers a clear view of the sea.

R.I.P Titanic and lets all Welcome Titanic II into reality! (Coming in 2017) Wish her luck on her Maiden Voyage!

just testing something

Posted by Ginger♥ on July 1, 2012 at 9:15 PM Comments comments (0)
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Summer Splash

Posted by Ginger♥ on June 28, 2012 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (1)

  Hello people, welcome to PixieDragon news. We got some new contests coming up for you guys it's gonna be real cool. (BTW. we cannot give you diamonds bc you need a parent account for that.) Since the webby is still in progress, your gonna have to wait a little for contests to show up and e-mail your entries. I still don't have the e-mail up. I still have to get used to all this awesome stuff happening for us! But I am here to tell you all about summer splash. It is my fave time of year bc the ballroom never looked better. I am always a member for this time of year. Check it out if your a member in pixie hollow. I might make a video of it too so stay tuned. (This video will show up in the members page ;))

                                                                             -Blue Dragon Studios