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          Welcome To PixieDragons

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This website is for the Pixie Hollow gamers for tips tricks videos contests and gifts! :D
We organize this because we believe Pixie Hollow lovers should play the game right ;).
We have many fun activities you can participate, but as a member you can do SO much more. Being a member is absolutely FREE.
                                        Thank you for watching our videos
                                                -BlueDragon Studios 

We are sorry for the interuption. It won't happen again. We have another security worker now. 

Safe Rules:
We try to provide our BEST safety for your personal information. So we encourage you to follow these rules:
1. Do not post personal information such as your address and where you live. Protect information such as your e-mail and address because its important to protect information from people you don't know!
2. Do not post hate messages. Cuz no one likes haty messages :(
3. Do not give out your password. Do not give out your birthday either (especially e-mail). We use this information so you can easily track your password if you forget it. (So your account can not be hacked.)
4.Do post awesome art, pics, and videos that include no personal pictures or information.
5. Do Add friends <3 
6. Have Fun! :D

ATTENTION!: People who choose to not follow these rules will receive penalties or get banned forever! 

About Penalties and Banning
Penalties: Penalties are warnings that someone is not obeying the safety rules and could lead to getting banned. Every time someone is penalized, their parents are immediately contacted to notify they are doing something wrong and disturbing others fun. This includes not obeying the safety rules and posting videos and pictures on others albums when they are not wanted.
Bans: Banning someone is a serious punishment for bringing a lot of disturbance to the website's environment. Banned users often have been penalized several times. (Depending on the rule they have broken. Depends on their penalty.) Once they are banned, their account is terminated and are no longer a member of the website. So be warned!